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Steel Frame Formwork System

steel frame formwork system


Formwork with frame is made of steel and plywood as the board,it suits for any style ofvertical and horizental structure.Wall,column,pillars,abutments,foundations and etc.in both bulding and civil engineering.

there are steel frame column formwork system,steel frame wall formwork panel,steel frame slab formwork,steel frame fundation formwork etc


63 serie Light duty steel frame formwork system for concrete building


63 serie steel frame formwork system characteristic

1、Light weight,large plate, Use less steel,High stiffness,make perfect shape for concrete 

2、There are many times of repeated use, generally it can be used for 30-50 times in turnover

3、The surface of the template is smooth, easy to demoulding, easy to clean and maintain

4、Thermal insulation performance, conducive to winter concrete thermal insulation maintenance, can be repaired on the local damaged surface on the spot, when one side is worn, can be turned over to use

5、The panel can be completely recycled after scrap, is a new generation of pollution-free green products

6、It has the characteristics of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, high strength, good toughness, normal use in minus 15 degrees Celsius to minus 50 degrees Celsius, good thermal insulation, not easy to produce deformation

7、Flame retardant, oxygen index is greater than 45. Wear resistant materials are added on the surface of plastic board to enhance wear resistance, mainly suitable for horizontal formwork, shear wall, vertical wall formwork in high-rise buildings

8、Widely applied range,such as building ,bridge,tunnel etc

63 serie steel fromwork system advantages:

1)    Concrete surface finish is same smooth as plywood formwork

2)    Steel frame formwork has longer life time than plywood

3)    Save working time.Everything has been already made in factory

4)    Can be recycle.Reduce the waste and contamination to the environment

5)    It can be reused more than 50 times ,it depend on the actual construction situation

6)    30-40 KN/m2.

7)    Application :Construction concrete pouring mould


120mm serie heavy steel frame formwork system for concrete big building

There are 120mm large panel wall formwork,120mm column formwork,120mm dual purse table form system
It based on the standard European system of the 300mm grid panel the 120mm wall formwork system offers 100% compatibility with some widely used European wall formwork systems while offering higher strength and durability


120mm steel frame column formwork

120mm steel frame wall formwork

120 Dual purpose table form system

It can be used as column system or standard wall formwork
Produces columns with rectangle cross sections in 50mm increments from 50mm-750mm.
Completely compatible with widely used European wall formwork systems

The 120mm panel is built to be more durable and robust than other wall formwork systems on the market.2.75mm thick steel outer profiles are standard on all panels while the main load bearing box sections in the large panel are manufactured using 5.75mm thickness steel

the 120mm dural purpose formwork system allow you to form concrete walls and floors using the minimal amounts of accessories.120mm dural purpose formwork panels act as both table forms and wall forms.Specifically designed table heads allow props be fitted to the table forms in spacing’s of 300mm increments.


120 serie steel frame formwork system characteristic

1、The steel frame formwork is plywood covered with hollow steel.The plywood is 18mm thick
2、The frame is highly strengthened,and the all formwork can bear lateral 60KN/m2 while the column formwork can be bear 80KN/m2
3、As a standardized system,it is flexible to assemble,wood batten can be filled to satisfy the need of non-standard size.
4、The adjustable steel clamp is convenient to use and can hold tightly
5、There is a prizing part designed in the corner,which can help to position and remove formwork easily
6、The plywood is screwed on from the back when connecting frame and plywood,so the surface of the finished concrete is perfect
7、The formwork series are a complete system with a full set of accessories,and can be set up flexibly according to project demand