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Why are aluminum composite panels so popular?What are the advantages?

1.High weather resistance.ACP no matter in the high temperature of the sun or low temperature snow days will not appear natural damage, generally in this case can be used for ten years without fading。For example, there is no strong light irradiation, no extremely low temperature, and it can be maintained for 20 years without fading or damage.

2.Good fireproof and waterproof performance。The intermediate material of aluminum bond is non-toxic PE plastic core material. The biggest characteristic of this core material is flame retardant. The front and back sides are aluminum layers, which are also very difficult to burn.Aluminum plastic composite panel material does not absorb water, naturally with excellent waterproof function.

3.Impact resistance.ACM has high toughness, bending will not damage the finish paint, so impact resistance is strong.

4.Maintenance is convenient.Aluminum plastic board fouling resistance is good, has very good self-cleaning performance, with neutral cleaning agent and water to clean can make aluminum plastic board take on a new look

5.Processing is convenient.Aluminum composite panels can use cold bending, cold folding, cold rolling, riveting, screw, paste, cutting, slotting, cutting, band saw, drilling and processing immerse and other processes, basically the general processing procedures can make alubond into a variety of shapes, processing is very convenient

6.Material is lightweight.The weight of ACP is only about 3.5-5.5kg per square meter, which can reduce the damage caused by earthquake disasters.Transportation, installation, cutting are very convenient, save a lot of construction manpower and material resources

7.The exterior color is varied.Mirror, brushed, stone, wood grain, etc

To sum up, the aluminum composite panel (ACP) is a widely used exterior wall material in modern buildings.The metal curtain wall has always been dominant, lightweight material, reduce the load of the building, for high-rise buildings to provide a good selection of conditions

Post time: May-18-2021