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  • Aluminum veneer curtain wall project in April

    Recently our company has undertaken a curtain wall project in the United States, including fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, curtain wall glass, and curved aluminum veneer.The total value of the goods is about 5 million USD The aluminum veneer curtain wall is made of high-quality high-strength alumin...
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  • 100 tons Closed type metal deck sheet were exported in February,2022

    We have exported 100 tons closed type metal deck sheet to Bangladesh this month. Closed type metal deck sheet(Steel plate for building support,colored steel single-plate pressed tile),galvanized sheet is formed by rolling subcold bending,its cross section is V,U,trapezoid or similar shape wave fo...
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  • Why is steel support widely used

    We closed one orden of adjustable props accessories with our Latinoamerica client this week.They purchased one 40 feet container from our company Adjustable props are widely used in proping system such as construction, plants and bridge etc. Prop Sleeve together with the Prop Nut is designed and ...
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  • Korean universities buy plastic formwork for architectural research

    In September 2021, Korean University purchased a batch of plastic formwork from our company, which are mainly used for architectural research. The products have different specifications of wall panel, column panel, internal corners, external corners and related accessories. Plastic formwork can b...
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  • Delivered aluminum veneer

    On 31 July 2021, We finished the aluminum veneer and steel angle production of the England customer in only 7 days. On the shipment date of August 6th, this batch of goods will be transported to UK.Each specification of aluminum curtain wall panel is customized according to the drawings provided ...
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  • Are you still using plywood formwork for construction? Aluminum formwork: You are out of date

    Aluminum formwork is the fourth generation formwork after plywood formwork, steel formwork, and plastic formwork. Compared with its previous generations, it has the advantages of light weight, high rigidity, and high reusability.   The aluminum formwork has the lightest weight among the exis...
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