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Delivered aluminum veneer

On 31 July 2021, We finished the aluminum veneer and steel angle production of the England customer in only 7 days. On the shipment date of August 6th, this batch of goods will be transported to UK.Each specification of aluminum curtain wall panel is customized according to the drawings provided by the customer.

We used AA 1100 series,H14,3MM thickness high qulity aluminum alloy plate,the structure is mainly composed of panels, reinforcing bars and corner codes,so tensile strength is very strong.In addition, convenient installation and construction, aluminum plate has been formed in the factory, the construction site does not need to cut, fixed on the skeleton

Aluminum Solid Panel were the first to appear and have been used for decades.Secondly light weight, good durability and corrosion resistance characteristics, so very popular in Europe.

Aluminum veneer is widely used in life. It is mainly used in the decoration of large public buildings on the external walls of buildings. For example:airport, station, hospital, gymnasium, etc. Interior wall decoration,,such as ceiling, foyer, envelope column, etc


Post time: Aug-04-2021