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RingLock System Scaffolding



Ringlock scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding,mainly made up of Ring rosette, standard, ledger, brace and accessories etc.It widely used in elevated bridge construction,tunnel construction,plant,elevated water towers,power plants,oil refineries,span scaffolding,storage shelves,interior decoration,stage erection,sports bleachers and other projects


Components of RingLock System Scaffolding



Q345B material,φ60×3.2mm,φ48×3.2mm hot dipped galvanized steel pipe,Design by length ,Weld a ring rosette every 0.5meters ,there is connecting rod one end.



Q235B material,φ48×2.5mm hot dipped galvanized steel pipe.Design by length,welded cross bar head at both ends


Diagonal brace:

Q195 material,φ42×2.75mm hot dipped galvanized steel pipe,welded diagonal head at both ends



Ring rosette


Adjustable jase base




Ringlock scaffolding system advantages

(1)Safe and longer system

(2)Easy and quick to erect,efficient,save time

(3)Very little material required

(4)Economic and versatile design

(5)Hot dipped galvanized surface finish,Maintenance free and always ready for use

(6)Less foundation construction,easy installation,not easy to lose


1. Multipurpose

According to the construction requirements,can constitute module 0.5m of a variety of single row,double row scaffold with different size and load,support frame ,support column and other functions of the construction equipment and can do curve layout

2. Wide range of application

Less structure,easy to build and disassemble,the basic structure and special accessories can be adapted to variety of building structures

3. Simple structure

The main parts include the standard, ledger, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, and also easy to storage, transfer and maintain.

4. High loading

The standard actuates axially, this makes the scaffolding in the three-dimensional space, high strength and steady of the structure. The ring plate is good at axial shearing resistant

5.Advanced technology

Disc connection mode is the international mainstream scaffold connection mode, reasonable node design can achieve the force transmission of each rod through the node center, mainly used in European and American countries and regions, is the upgrading of scaffolding products, mature technology, firm connection, stable structure, safe and reliable