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Aluminum decoration panel

Aluminum decoration panel

Zhongming is a professional group company integrating design, research, manufacture and sales of aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum solid panels, and aluminum ceilings.

Aluminum composite panel

Compared with other decorative materials,the aluminum composite panel is new kinds of adomments materials that has many incomparable advantage.One reason is that Aluminum composite Panel is a kind of  composite material.Through the compound,it gets many new performance that raw materials don’t have .The other reason is that the aluminum composite panel is a kind of high technology products.Whether production or application,it contanins high technical content.It uses many advanced technology in the production to ensure the material performance fully,such as roller coating technology and continuous laminating technology





Special size:



Maximum length≦6000mm


Light weight and high rigidity

Various color and Democrative

Good surface smoothness

Excellent durability

Easy to install

Outstanding characteristics of fireproofing

Good characteristics of cost

Environment coordinated

Wide application


Curtain wall,cladding and facade

Roof edge and parapet wall

Separation wall and Partition

Advertising Plate,showroom ,furniture and Signage

Column covers and beam wraps

Aluminum ceiling system


Lay-in tile ceiling system

Lay-in tile is elegant,delicate structure,various types with perfect fire prevention,moisture-proof function,easy to be cleaned,convenient in assembly and dis-assembly,more convenient for line maintenance.It is applicable for office buildings schools,banks ,shopping malls and other places.A variety of colors and specifications is available

Clip-in tile ceiling system

Clip-in tile ceiling with hidden frame,adopts the suspension system with the ceiling clamped into the hidden frame,which is convenient for installation and dis-assembly,very flexible while making changes on the interval in the room.The structure of the hidden frame mounting system is stable and concealed,the surface of the panel is smooth with concise and beautiful line,which adds a modern sense for the interior space.There are different panel specifications and models to match with different design and demand,can be widely used in a variety of architectural decoration design


Quadrate-pipe baffle system

Quadrate-pipe baffle ceiling is formed through continuous rolling or cold roll bending,the installation structure is a special keel clip buckled structure.The installation  method is simple and convenient and is suitable for indoors decoration.Product are with open and permeable,noise-absorbing and decorative features with modern fashionable and leading performance.Through the height and direction of the surface plate,and the change in lights the colors,the suspended ceiling is more permeable and dynamic

O-shape baffle ceiling system

This system is with an open field of vision,the circular edges lines are bright and soft,after the installation,the entire space becomes harmonious and beautiful with no lack of smooth three-dimensional sense on lines,holds a good modern sense performance;Simple structure,convenient in maintenance;Each circular bar is independent,fire-extinguishing equipment can be placed in the ceiling,to achieve a consistent overall perfect visual performance.Mainly used in the subway station,high-speed rail stations,bus stations,airport,large shopping malls,channels,wall decoration,external wall of building etc.


U-shaped baffle ceiling system

A decorative curtain type ceiling,able to adjust the visual height if a house ,and can hide all the pipelines and other facilities in the bottom of the building,and can also lead sunlight or lamplight.It enables an open field of vision ,good ventilation and air flow,the connection lines are bright and neat,with clear levels .reflecting the concise modern style,simple and convenient in installation assembly and dis-assembly,has become the main popular product on decoration market


V-shape baffle ceiling system

V-shape baffle ceiling takes full consideration of various decorative factors in the public places,considering the practical needs and visual needs;the products is easy to be installed,the material is strong in expansion performance ,forming unique style with the cross effect of all kinds of lamps and fire-extinguishing equipment,revealed a luxury and simple style with a generous sense,therefore able to he widely used