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Unit curtain walls,Choosing us

Unit curtain wall refers to the basic unit of curtain wall structure made of various wall panels and supporting frames in the factory, which is directly installed on the main structure of the building curtain wall.Unit curtain wall can be mainly divided into: unit curtain wall and semi-unit curtain wall, also known as firm unit curtain wall. For details, semi-unit curtain wall can be further divided into: upright split-unit combined curtain wall and inter-window wall unit curtain wall.Curtain wall according to its material can be divided into aluminum glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall (aluminum  veneer or composite aluminum panel),steel curtain wall, SLATE curtain wall.According to the appearance, it can be divided into: straight curtain wall, broken line curtain wall, arc curtain wall, curved curtain wall and special-shaped curtaine of the above materials.According to the structure, it can be divided into: framed curtain wall, hidden frame curtain wall and semi-hidden frame curtain wall. As a result of the above various curtain walls make the building pavement architectural shape novel and changeable, the contrast between virtual and real is strong, the environment color is bright and bright, give people to the architectural art image, make the city increase the infinite charm.

Last year, our company undertook the unit curtain wall project of 40 floors in the United States. Its material is aluminum alloy glass curtain wall. The project has lasted for one year, and eight 40 feet containers are shipped to the United States on average every month.

Our company has a strong design team, management team and nearly 100,000 square meters of production and assembly warehouse. Recent years, we have undertaken many projects, and we have rich experience in foreign projects. If you need the support of the building curtain wall, please contact us

Post time: Apr-19-2023