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Why is steel support widely used

We closed one orden of adjustable props accessories with our Latinoamerica client this week.They purchased one 40 feet container from our company

Adjustable props are widely used in proping system such as construction, plants and bridge etc. Prop Sleeve together with the Prop Nut is designed and manufactured to adjust the height of the Prop. The size can be OEM. The main parts include Prop Sleeve, Plate, G Pin, Tripod and Fork Head

Props are also used mainly for shoring to provide temporary support during building repair or alteration work for overhead structures during construction. … Shoring ‘push and pull’ props with swivelling footplates are used to support concrete formwork.


1.Adjustable steel support system application range is wide, reasonable stress, high bearing capacity, which can effectively reduce the amount of support, reduce the construction cost, the support bar is not bound by a fixed plane size, so the application of irregular building plane freely, support bar spacing, vertical and horizontal beam spacing can be adjusted in time according to the beam slab load, transverse link rod are not legally binding

2.Under the same mold area regulation, adjustable steel support than bowl buckle scaffold, steel pipe scaffold steel consumption is less, only for the cup lock scaffold 30%, steel pipe scaffolding 20%

3.The supporting rod on the formwork site is relatively few, the operation space is large, the personnel pass, and the material is carried smoothly.

4.The steel support can be recycled and reused, and has the characteristics of economy and environmental protection

Post time: Jan-11-2022