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Heavy Duty/Light duty adjustable steel Prop for Building

Short Description:

Heavy Duty/light duty adjustable Steel Prop has a high load-bearing capacity and is designed to be used for supporting the horizontal formwork members. It incorporates an adjustable thread and slot hole, making it easy to install, dismantle and to adjust the level. This allows for high-speed construction of scaffolding. The component is manufactured with a galvanised finish to protect it from rust.
Surface:DipPaint/hot dipped galvanized/electro galvanized/Pre Galvanized

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Luowen adjustable steel shoring Props applied to vertically support system in the construction to support the timber beam and formwork.

Telescopic steel props are used for the shoring of slab formwork and for various other site needs. Are telescopic steel props with great durability. Depending on the prop model, the finish can be galvanised or powder coated, painted. Its regulation and fixing design provides quick prop adjustment.

Formwork shoring with props consists of placing as many units per square meter as necessary to achieve a secure and stable shoring, capable of pporting the slab thickness defined for the job.


1.Raw Material:

Q235 Steel.


Steel Prop is applied to vertically support system in the construction to support the formwork, such as the floor construction.


Steel Prop is mainly made up of bottom plate,outer tube, inner tube, swivel nut,cotter pin,upper plate and the accessories of folding tripod,head jack, the structure is simple and flexible.


Steel Prop is simple of the structure, so it is easy to assemble and disassemble.


Steel Prop is adjustable because of the outer tube and inner tube, the inner tube could extend and shrink in the outer tube, and then it could be adjusted according to the required height.


Steel Prop could be re-used, and once useless, the material could also be recovered.

7.Practical using:

Steel Prop could be adjusted to required height according to the different height of the constructions.



Note: About the tube thickness, we produce several kinds of size, such as tube thickness 1.6mm,1.8mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm,3.5mm,or we can produce as customized.


1.Fork Head :blob.png

2.Tripod :blob.png


telescopic steel props have been used for shoring in countless construction projects, and our customers still prefer them because of its efficiency and ease of use. providing reliability and safety at the construction site.
If we further consider the quality of raw materials used, the manufacturing processes and final treatment applied to our products, the results on site are guaranteed. These props are designed and manufactured following the guidelines of the UNE 180201. All the data shown in this document is supported by rigorous testing carried out in our testing laboratory. For more details on the correct functioning, use and handling of the telescopic steel prop, please contact, we will be happy to attend to your queries.


5.Product details

steel props details 1

detail 2


6.Our factory

steel props 双耳支撑-1

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