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Reusable Adjustable Column Plastic formwork

Short Description:

Reusable Modular Forming Plastic Formwork for construction,the panel 750*730mm is an adjustable panel for square column.It can make 45 sizes of columns.
Usage:Office Building, Concrete Construction

Product Detail

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1. Weight: About 15KG/Square Meter

2. Material: PP+glass fibres, and Nilon handles

3. Composition: Panels, corners, handle and accessories

5. Resued: over 100 times

6. Thermal deformation temperature: Above 150 degree Celsius

7.Assemble and disassemble:Easy and quick

8.Certification:CNAS Test


Column Size: 

From 200*200mm to 600*600mm, more size as below chart:

S06 副本副本


Material and Structure

1.Material:PP+glass fibres

2.Structure:panels, corners, handle and accessories


1.Long lifespan & Cost effective –The experiment shows that our Plastic Formwork can be reused over 100 times, while the Plywood can only be reused 7 to 10 times. Therefore the Plastic Formwork increases the cost efficiency.

2.Waterproof – For the nature of plastic material, this item is a kind of anticorrosive material, especially suitable for underground and watery circumstances.

3.Easy reassembly– It is easy for worker to operate and split.

4. Pouring expediently– The template will be separated easily from concrete.

5.Simple Installation – the mass of the product is light, at the same time it is safe to handle and easy to clean.

6.High Quality –it is hard to deformation.

7.Recyclable — Waste scrap molding board could be recycled.


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