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100 tons Closed type metal deck sheet were exported in February,2022

We have exported 100 tons closed type metal deck sheet to Bangladesh this month.

Closed type metal deck sheet(Steel plate for building support,colored steel single-plate pressed tile),galvanized sheet is formed by rolling subcold bending,its cross section is V,U,trapezoid or similar shape wave form,maily used as a permanent template,but can also be selected for other purposes.

Metal deck sheet

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Closed type metal deck sheet is the latest introduction of the new technology products of the profile steel plate, is a more advanced composite floor bearing plate system, the experiment proved that compared with other open-end floor bearing plate system has more powerful bearing capacity and shear resistance. The special design of closed rib makes the steel bearing plate rib completely covered by concrete, just like the reinforcement in the cast-in-place plate, so as to maximize the respective characteristics of steel and concrete, successfully applied to the floor bearing plate system with reinforcement, and has excellent fire resistance

What are the characteristics of the closed type metal deck sheet?

  1. The construction of closed floor bearing plate can improve the construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, so as to save more investment costs for us.
  2. The application of closed floor bearing plate is very helpful to speed up the construction process of the building, and its own high strength, can very well ensure the safety of the whole construction.
  3. Shear-resistant closed ribbed ribs and web inserts provide an excellent grip between steel bearing plate and concrete without slippage under its maximum allowable load conditions
  4. The center of gravity of closed type metal deck sheet is very close to the bottom of the plate, and has a greater effective height than other plate, which can provide stronger positive bending moment resistance
  5. The rib shape of the special design of the closed metal deck sheet can make the rib of the steel bearing plate completely covered by concrete, just like the reinforcement in the cast-in-place concrete floor plate, which can be verified by the actual two-hour fire resistance test.
  6. Compared with other products of the same type, its own function is more perfect, and the safety of use is higher. Therefore, the advantages of closed floor plate in the market is quite large.

Post time: Feb-16-2022