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Korean universities buy plastic formwork for architectural research

In September 2021, Korean University purchased a batch of plastic formwork from our company, which are mainly used for architectural research. The products have different specifications of wall panel, column panel, internal corners, external corners and related accessories.

Plastic formwork can be turned over more than 150 times, but also recycled. Large temperature range, strong specification adaptability, sawing, drilling, easy to use. The flatness and smoothness of the surface of the formwork exceed the technical requirements of the existing plain concrete formwork. It has the functions of flame retardant, corrosion resistance, water resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and has good mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties. It can meet the requirements of all kinds of cuboid, cube, L shape and U shape

Widely used in residential buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, stations, factories, water conservancy, Bridges, tunnels, drains, retaining walls, pipe corridors, culverts and other kinds of construction engineering construction.

Plastic building formwork has become a new favorite in the construction industry for its environmental protection and energy saving, recycling and economic benefits, waterproof and corrosion resistance. This product will gradually replace the wood formwork, steel formwork and aluminum formwork in the building formwork, thus saving a lot of wood resources for the country and playing a huge role in environmental protection, environmental optimization and low-carbon emission reduction. Plastic building templates effectively use waste resources, he meets the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection, but also to adapt to the direction of national industrial policy development, is a new revolution of construction engineering template materials

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Post time: Sep-29-2021