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Concrete mould Wall Slab Plastic formwork for concrete pouring

Short Description:

Wide application in walls,corner,fence walls,foudations,basements,doors&windows,elevator shafts,swimming pools as well as slab ,column ,beam etc.

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LIGHT Lighter  panels are safer, easier to use and more productive. It is a fact that repeated lifting of heavy equipment causes fatigue and injury. Zhongming plastic formwork weighs on average 17 kg/m2 with no single element heavier than 13 kg: this means that the whole system can always be used by hand, in any situation. Crane operation is not a must anymore, giving construction sites much greater flexibility without any compromise on health and safety
FAST doing the job with as few components as possible. Low weight and simplicity improve the speed of use.
STORAGE Moisture and water will not affect the panels in any way, dry storage conditions are not necessary
STRENGTH ABS is a very strong polymer, impact and abrasion resistant. Zhongming plastic formwork resists to a pressure of up to 60 kN/m2.




Weight About 15KG/Square Meter
Material ABS plastic, or PP+glass fibres, Nilon,
Composition Panels, corners, handle and accessories
Resued over 100 times
Waterproof Yes
Eco-friendly Yes
Thermal deformation temperature Above 150 degree Celsius
Assemble and disassemble Easy and quick
Certification CNAS Test

Main size:

Wall panel 1200*600mm, 100*600mm, 200*600mm, 250*600mm, 600*10mm, 600*20mm
Corner inner corner 200x200x600mm and outer corner 100x50x600mm
Square Column 750*730*70mm(size of column can be adjusted from 200- 600mm with per 50mm increment)
Round Column 750*400mm,750*300mm


For concrete wall, slab, columns formwork

Material and Structure

1.Material:PP+glass fibres+Nilon

2.Structure:panels, corners, handle and accessories


1.Long lifespan& Cost effective –The experiment shows that our Plastic Formwork can be reused over 100 times, while the Plywood can only be reused 7 to 10 times. Therefore the Plastic Formwork increases the cost efficiency.

2.Waterproof – For the nature of plastic material, this item is a kind of anticorrosive material, especially suitable for underground and watery circumstances.

3.Easy reassembly– It is easy for worker to operate and split.

4. Pouring expediently– The template will be separated easily from concrete.

5.Simple Installation – the mass of the product is light, at the same time it is safe to handle and easy to clean.

6.High Quality –it is hard to deformation.

7.Recyclable — Waste scrap molding board could be recycled.


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Finish Concrete Effect

11D42AF54206DEC8CA5488CFCA1AFA8A    DSC02617

Certificate of our plastic formwork:

plastic formwork certificate


Our Plastic Formwork Workshop And Production Line:

Our company, Zhejiang Zhongming Jixiang Construction Material Equipment Co.,Ltd, is dedicated on formwork, scaffolding & ACP for more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, more than 15 years of export experience.

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[Q]:What is the Place of Origin

[Q]:What is your shipping port:
A:Ningbo / Shanghai Port

[Q]:Do you have in stock?
A: Except for small quantity, mostly we don’t keep a lot stock. We produce after customer place the order

[Q]:What is your payment method:
A: TT, L/C

[Q]:What is your delivery time?
A: around 15 days after advance payment

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