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Blind price comparison is not an option, and you must pay attention to these points when purchasing ringlock scaffolding!

Last weekend, a video of a rosette of inferior ringlock was smashed. In the video, you can see that a worker was hitting the disk with a steel pipe. After only two knocks, the disc was obviously broken. As a key component of the ringlock-type scaffold, the ringlock disc is an important part that connects the leger and the vertical pipe and forms a stable three-point force. Once the disc quality is defective, the construction of the entire scaffold is very possible. Cause a serious safety accident. Therefore, the appearance of this video has caused the majority of purchasers to start to examine and pay attention to the quality problem of ringlock scaffolding.



Although it has been emphasized many times that “blind price comparison is not necessary”, and quality issues must be optimistic about purchases, but in the actual procurement process, the majority of buyers will continue to compare the prices of major manufacturers, which is also causing the current inventory. Ringlock scaffolding is an important reason for market chaos, uneven quality, and shoddy quality. This not only affects the normal market competition order, but also seriously affects the healthy development of the industry.

Two major factors affecting the quality of ringlock scaffolding


1. Material of construction parts

1. Steel


Due to the rationality of the market and the successive promulgation of industry policy documents, especially the “Technical Regulations for the Safety of Ringlock Type Steel Pipe Supports for Construction” JGJ231-2010, the specific regulations on the material of the disc type scaffolding are currently on the market. Disc-ringlock scaffolding materials are mainly Q355B, Q235B low-carbon alloy structural steel.


2. Casting


The castings of disc scaffolding include leger heads, diagonal brace heads, and U-bolt nuts. Firstly, compare the appearance to see if there are any blisters, cracks, etc. inside. Secondly, look at the weight ratio of the same volume, that is, it can be indirectly See the density of the product, and the degree of compactness has a certain effect on the hardness and strength.

3. Stamping parts


The steel plate of the stamping disc is the key source for controlling the quality of the disc-ringlock scaffolding. In addition to testing through mechanical experiments, you can also check the inspection report of the scaffold and see the specific data to determine the quality of the stamping parts.


2. Processing quality

In fact, many purchasers do not pay special attention to the processing quality of ringlock scaffolding, and think that as long as the material is qualified, it is qualified, but in fact, the processing quality still has a great influence on the quality of ringlock scaffolding. You can look at an example:


It can be seen that the height of the ringlock pin in the above picture is different. One may be due to the problem of the erection method and sequence, and the other may be the problem of the processing size and the quality of the accessories.


Another key link in processing quality control is quality inspection. If there is no strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, it will inevitably lead to unqualified products entering the market.


So, how should the majority of purchasers correctly select high-quality ringlock scaffolding? In the actual selection, you can start with the following three details:


1. Welding


The discs and other accessories of the ringlock scaffold are welded on the frame tube. When purchasing the ringlock scaffold, you must choose a product with a full weld.


2. Steel pipe material


In addition to judging whether the steel pipe material of the ringlock scaffold is Q355B or Q235B, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the scaffold pipe has bending phenomenon and whether there are burrs on the fracture from the appearance, and be sure to choose products without obvious defects.


Three, pipe thickness


When selecting, you can use a vernier caliper to measure the wall thickness of the scaffold tube and disc, etc., to check whether the product meets the standard.


In addition to this time, it is also very necessary to choose a compliant manufacturer. When purchasing, the majority of buyers can request to view business licenses, product inspection reports, safety production certificates, and so on. At the same time, every manufacturer should strictly manage the production process, strictly control the entire process from material selection to quality inspection and delivery, to ensure the product quality of ringlock scaffolding and maintain a good market reputation.

Post time: Apr-02-2021