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Application field of ringlock scaffolding in South East Asia

Application field of ringlock scaffolding in South East Asia


The main feature of ringlock scaffolding is embodied in the “ringlock ring plate”, the scaffolding pole is welded with a plate, the horizontal is equipped with a joint, and the bolt is used as a connector to form a ringlock scaffold. This kind of scaffolding has been used in many countries in Europe and America for decades. But was introduced to Southeast in the 1980s and it is a new type of efficient and safe scaffolding product.

ringlock scaffold-2


Features of new type ringlock scaffolding:


Multi-function; According to specific construction requirements, it can form single-row, double-row scaffolding, support frame, support column, material lifting frame and other construction equipment with different modular frame sizes and load requirements, and can be arranged in a curve. The force frame structure is stable and reliable.


High efficiency; assembly and disassembly speed is 4-8 times faster than fastener scaffolding, avoiding bolting and loose fasteners, reducing labor intensity, and the entire installation and dismantling process only needs a hammer to complete.


The bearing capacity is large; the round plate has reliable axial shear resistance, and the axes of various rods intersect at one point. The number of connecting crossbars is twice that of the bowl joint, and the overall stability strength is 20% higher than that of the cuplock  scaffold. The coordinated application of the oblique bar greatly enhances the overall stability of the ringlock scaffolding.


Safe and reliable; independent wedge-shaped interspersed self-locking bolts are used. Due to the interlock and gravity, even if the bolt is not tightened, the crossbar plug cannot be released.


Good comprehensive benefits; standardized component series, easy to transport and manage, no loose and easy to lose components, low loss.


As the ringlock- scaffolding has shown good application effects in Asia construction engineering, but the Asia has not made a perfect mechanism for the quality and specifications of the scaffolding, and it has not been widely promoted and applied.


Relying on its own advantages, ringlock scaffolding is mainly used in construction formwork support systems, bridge and tunnel construction, large-scale water conservancy and ship engineering, and some large-span building constructions.


Post time: Apr-15-2021