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Why is frame scaffolding practical?

Most construction workers now use frame scaffolding in order to improve work efficiency. It is convenient and fast. It is very practical.

  1. Frame Scaffolding System is safe and reliable: good overall performance, reasonable bearing force, good waterproof performance
  2. Door frame scaffold is cheap and practical: according to users and domestic and foreign information, H frame such as good maintenance, can be reused more than 30 times, bamboo frame is incomparable. The weight per unit area of door scaffold is 50% lower than that of coup-type steel tube frame, and the cost of each demolition is 1/2 of steel tube frame and 1/3 of bamboo and wood frame. The ergonomics and benefits are significant, and the more efficient the building, the better.

China has been introduced from Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries and use this kind of scaffolding in the end of the 1970s. The reason for this popularity is that the practicality of H frame scaffolding has always been favored by construction workers and also saves resources

Frame scaffolding is first used in the support project of underground railway and highway.In 1956, JIS (Japanese industrial standards) related to the standard of scaffolding, 1963, the Ministry of Labor in the labor safety and health provisions also developed the scaffolding, support some provisions.In this way, Frame scaffolding has become an essential construction tool in construction.In 1963, some large construction companies in Japan developed, developed or purchased door scaffold and applied it in engineering.In 1965, with the increase of high-rise buildings in Japan, the use of scaffolding is also more and more, in 1970, all kinds of scaffolding rental company began to surge, because the rental scaffolding can meet the requirements of construction enterprises, reduce enterprise investment, so, the amount of frame scaffolding should grow rapidly.

Note when using frame scaffolding:

 At present, every city  is in the construction in China, and the frame scaffolding is one of the necessary supporting materials in the construction of buildings.The use of this material has brought convenience to the construction in the industry, but also brought accidents to the construction.

In order to minimize the occurrence of accidents in the use of door scaffold, in the It was took some very necessary measures in construction site, mainly to protect the safety of construction personnel.People are the main force in the construction process, the protection of people is to ensure that the construction can be carried out normally.First to strengthen the management of the construction site, except for the construction personnel irrelevant personnel shall not enter.Second, when setting up each accessory, we should be careful, and connect each accessory tightly and fix each bolt.The third ,setting up a good scaffolding before putting into use to carry out acceptance, acceptance unqualified must be rectified.Check the scaffolding in use regularly, check whether each accessory is closely connected, in heavy rain, strong wind weather, to arrange someone to check the overall stability of the door type scaffolding.Any loose connectors should be strengthened.Anchor points should be reinforced if the accessories are deformed

Post time: Nov-18-2021