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The formwork comparison and analysis.

Product analysis
Wooden system Advantages:The product forming area is large,the special-shaped structure is easily processing
Disadvantages:Low product turns,timber consumption and forming the heavier.Seam rigor is restricted by workers technical level,forming effect of internal corna and externalcorna control is difficult.Formwork to remove is incovenient,template maintenance and storge need to waterproof measures,need to release agent and die processing waste cause enviromental pollution
Large steel formork system Advantages:Large product forming area,forming of good quality and high turnover,simple support system
Disadvantages:The product area is large volume weight and needs to have special hoisting tools  to complete assembly.Security measures are severly restricted,In the structure under the conditon of big changes in different templates is not applicable,poor universality and the mouth of cave and interface treament need to other measures.It is unable to poure the concrete lay by lay.Shock resistance is poor,and need to use release agents,stocking area is larger
Aluminum formwork Advantages:Smooth surface,rigidity,weather resistance,easy assembling to remove,small gap.Sewing worker are operational.Installation is simplify,construction is convenient.It is high turnover
Disadvantages:Volume weight,easy to corrosion,need release agent,the high cost of maintenance,low initial prestressing assembled effect.Stocking area is larger
Plastic formwork Advantages:Volume light,smooth surface ,easy mold release without release agent.Rigidity,low damage resistance,weather resistance,corrosion resistance,good toughness,easy assembly disassembly,small gap.Sewing worker are operational.We use the special support system of company’s development.Installation is simplify,construction is convenient,fast and safe.Turnover is high ,the cost can be saved
Disadvantages:Low inital prestressing assembled effect.Stacking area is larger

Post time: Jul-02-2021