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Ringlock scaffolding is better than cuplock scaffolding?

Ringlock scaffolding is better than cuplock scaffolding?
Ringlock scaffolding and cuplock  scaffolding are relatively new types of scaffolding, and both can be used as support formwork, so where are the two often compared, but most people think that ringlock scaffolding is better than cuplock scaffolding ? ! What is the specific advantage? We look together.
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What are the advantages of ringlock scaffolding? Why is it easier to use than cuplock scaffolding?
Let’s first understand the structure of the ringlock scaffold. The horizontal and vertical pipe of the ringlock scaffold form a stable triangular structural unit in the vertical, horizontal and vertical directions. Then the unit system is repeatedly combined to form a three-dimensional Space shelf. The eight-hole gusset is welded to the pole,The C-shaped locking clip is welded to the two ends of the horizontal bar. When connecting, the wedge-shaped pin on the clip is passed through the eight-hole buckle plate from top to bottom to complete the connection of the horizontal bar. The diagonal rod is connected to the eight-hole plate of the vertical rod through a wedge-shaped pin to complete the triangular stable structure, and the triangular structure is stable, so this structure design determines that the ringlock scaffold is more stable than any traditional scaffold. The performance and firmness are better, and the cuplock  scaffold cannot be compared with it.

Let’s talk about the cuplock scaffolding. The connection between the pole and the crossbar of the bowl-buckle scaffolding has no built-in diagonal bracing, so the stability performance is far behind the ringlock scaffolding.

Secondly, in terms of material selection, the ringlock scaffolding adopts Q355 steel pipe, which is an international general material, which has strong bearing capacity and twice the installation efficiency, which greatly improves loading capacity. The material of the cuplock scaffolding is only ordinary Q235 steel pipe, so the strength and bearing capacity of its scaffolding system are much worse.

In addition, the anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment of ringlock scaffolding is generally galvanized, while the anti-rust treatment on the surface of the cuplock scaffold is generally painted, and the adsorption and shelf life are shorter, so the ringlock scaffold is better than the bowl buckle. So ringlock scaffolding is better.

The most important thing is that the ringlock scaffolding method is simpler and more convenient, and the erection efficiency is higher, which can greatly save man-hours and shorten the construction period.

Post time: Feb-04-2021