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Attached lifting scaffolding equipment

Attached lifting scaffolding equipment is a new type of scaffolding technology developed rapidly at the beginning of this century, which has an important influence on the progress of construction technology in my country. It turns high-place operations into low-level operations, and changes suspended operations into internal operations of the frame. It has significant low-carbon, high-tech content, and is more economical, safer, and more convenient.

Professional advantages:

1. Low carbon

Save 70% of steel consumption

Save power consumption by 95%

Save 30% of construction consumables

2. Economical

Applicable to the main body of buildings over 45 meters. The higher the floor, the more obvious the economy, and each building can save 30%-60% of the cost.


Can be applied to the main body of various structures

3. Security

The use of fully automatic synchronous control system and remote control system can actively prevent unsafe conditions, and adopt multiple-set disc type safety anti-falling devices to prevent failures such as failure of the reset device, which can ensure that the protective frame is always in a safe state and effectively achieve prevention fall.

4. Intelligent

The microcomputer load technology control system can display the lifting status in real time and automatically collect the load value of each lifting machine position. When the load of a certain machine position exceeds 15% of the design value, it will automatically alarm and display the alarm position in the form of sound and light; when it exceeds 30%, the group of lifting equipment will automatically stop until the fault is eliminated. It effectively avoids potential safety hazards caused by overload or excessive load loss.

5. Mechanization

Realize the function of low building and high use. It is assembled at the bottom of the main body of the building at one time, attached to the building, and continuously improved with the increase of the floor height. The whole operation process does not occupy other cranes, which greatly improves the construction efficiency, and the site environment is more humane, and management and maintenance are easier , The effect of civilized operation is more prominent.

6, aesthetics

Break through the messy appearance of traditional scaffolding, make the overall image of the construction project more concise and regular, and can more effectively and intuitively show the safe and civilized image of the construction project.

Post time: Sep-09-2020