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Good news about aluminum formwork

The extensive use of wood in urban construction has led to excessive deforestation, heavy pollution of construction waste, and serious damage to the ecological environment. The popularization and application of aluminum mold system makes building construction better, faster and more economical, in line with low-carbon emission reduction and green construction technology, and is a major innovation in the field of building construction.

We are committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry and providing green solutions for urban construction. A R&D team with a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and management experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council, adheres to the R&D and innovation of aluminum mold products, and vigorously promotes the pull-tab system. The domestic first aluminum mold full-drawn sheet system is applied to super high-rise projects, and has won the market Highly recognized by customers.

We provide professional architectural deepening aluminum formwork design services to make construction more efficient and create better results with fewer formwork. Designed more than a thousand buildings and successfully solved several industry problems such as super-height, duplex buildings, basements, prefabricated assembly buildings, and underground pipe corridors

Standardized management, strict management and control of each operation process, to ensure that products are delivered with zero defects.

Provide waste aluminum, waste formwork replacement formwork substrate, standard panel.

Aluminum recycling business has passed ASI certification, aluminum recycling base, promote the green and sustainable development of aluminum industry.

At present, its products and services cover 18 provinces and cities across the country, and are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and other overseas regions. It has rapidly grown into a global excellent construction formwork technology company.

Now in this special time, with Corona influence in every country. We provide special price to help construction market to recover. Warmly welcome your inquiring.

Post time: Sep-09-2020